Our next Ultreya Gathering will be a Grand Ultreya held in person on Saturday, October 8, 2022 immediately following a Day of Deeper Understanding earlier that day. We will have minestrone soup ready at 12:30pm; bring what you’d like to complete your lunch, followed by meeting the newest Cursillistas, group reunion, and elections for the upcoming year’s Secretariat.


Held at St. James Episcopal Church

11511 SW Bull Mountain Road

Tigard OR  97224.







Invite a friend.  The program will include

joy-filled singing, fellowship, and group reunion.

Contact the Secretariat at oregoncursillo@gmail.com for information on how to connect to the Zoom meeting.  Look for future Zoom Gatherings as well.  Be sure to check the Oregon Episcopal Cursillo Facebook page for announcements.

Active Reunion Groups

If you are looking for a Reunion Group referral, please contact  oregoncursillo@gmail.com

        If your Reunion Group is open to or seeking additional members, please contact oregoncursillo@gmail.com