Welcome to the website for Oregon and SW Washington Episcopal Cursillo® Ministry. We are a group of Episcopalians (and some non-Episcopalians) eager to strengthen the faith and encourage the ministry of both laity and clergy across our Dioceses, and to celebrate that over 2,000 people have participated in Cursillo with us across the years.  Cursillo is one method for promoting vital, dynamic faith, a deeper sense of Christian community, and to support the development of lay leadership. Cursillo involves two main components:
  • a 3-day weekend filled with 15 great talks, group discussions, activities, worship, singing, and fun – and lots of good food.
      • Our next Cursillo Weekend for ALL adults will be held Thursday evening, March 20 – Sunday afternoon, March 23, 2025, at the Oregon Christian Convention Center in Turner, Oregon, just outside Salem, with Larry Chalew-Fuller as Rector.  
  • AND the Fourth Day, which represents how we live out the Christian life in support of one another.
      • Our last Ultreya Gathering was Saturday, May 18, 2024 at the Episcopal Church of the Good Samaritan in Corvallis. We met the newest Cursillistas, re-connected with friends, sang, prayed, heard a witness talk.   Bring your Cursillo name tag and invite a friend to the next Ultreya, whether they’ve been to Cursillo or not. 
      • Reunion groups are meeting in person and via Zoom or other platforms. Email us if you would like to join a Group Reunion. 
Cursillo originated in Spain, so there are several Spanish terms like Ultreya and De Colores that you may see throughout these pages; for more info on what these terms mean and about Cursillo and its history, go to What is Cursillo? The secretariat is the governing body of the movement for the local Cursillo community.
Cursillo is a volunteer organization that relies on the hard work of YOU!
And here is how to keep the Cursillo blessing going
The Candidate Application and Sponsor Forms are on the Pre-Cursillo page. 
Here are two young Cursillitas being interviewed about their experience of Cursillo, showing that Cursillo is not just for people of a certain demographic
When the time comes to bid goodbye to this Earthly life and the Fourth Day and to enter the everlasting glory of the Fifth Day with God, be sure to let the Cursillo Community know of your death.  Fill out the this form and leave it for your survivors to find and implement. 
Think you’d like to attend the next Cursillo Weekend, but don’t have someone who has asked to sponsor you?  No problem.  We can connect you with someone in your area to help make it happen.  Or maybe you just have some questions about Cursillo.  Still no problem.  Just send us an email at
And if you’d like to request from us or email to us palanca/prayers, send here   
And for those wondering what it might be like to translate the Cursillo experience into one tailored toward those serving time in prison, to women whose lives have been impacted by someone’s incarceration, and to youth involved with the justice system, check out Kairos Prison Ministry of Oregon.  Help build this ministry in Oregon – your life will never be the same.  A Kairos Outside Weekend for women impacted by someone’s incarceration will be held Friday evening, October 4 – Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2024, at the Oregon Christian Convention Center in Turner, Oregon.  If you know a woman who would benefit from attending, help her visit this website.  If you’d like to serve on team, visit this website.
Ever wonder what The Episcopal Church is doing to share the Good News of Jesus Christ?  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls us the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement.  Check out the national church’s website
Please contact our Cursillo Ministry by e-mailing us.
Come Holy Spirit and fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in us the fire of your love!
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